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Pre-Surgical Instructions
For Mobil Spay/Neuter Clinic

Please note:  For cats - We recommend that you have your cat vaccinated with an FVRCP vaccine at least two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment so that he or she will be better protected from these diseases.
Before your pet has surgery, please follow these instructions carefully:

NO FOOD OR TREATS after midnight the night before the surgery.

▪ All pets should *always* have access to water.

▪ If your pet shows any signs of illness, please call and re-schedule surgery.

▪ Please be on time for your scheduled check-in.

▪ Please keep your animals in a labeled carrier [one pet per carrier]. Feral (wild) cats must be in a humane trap, not a carrier.

▪ Label your pet carrier with your name and your pet’s name with tape or marker.

▪ Please bring written proof of all current vaccinations with you to check-in. Rabies tags are not adequate proof.

▪ Payment must be made at check-in [CASH only].

▪ We will notify you of the pick-up time at check-in. All pets must be picked up the same day as surgery.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!